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Features & Advantages

CKTS's Originality

For over twenty five years, CKTS has consistently provided high quality services to meet customer expectations, and we will continue to ensure our services surpass these standards with each day.

Services Only CKTS Could Provide

Reducing Burden on Airline Companies

Conventional Approach

Conventional Approach

Tight Partnership between Airline, GHA, and Airport

Tight Partnership between Airline, GHA, and Airport

Cost performance

Cargo Storage Facilities

  • Export Warehouse

    Export Warehouse:5,533㎡

    Security guard, ETDS, Truck Lifter, Scale, Cool container(+5℃, -20℃), Truck Yard, ULD Storage, Valuable Cargo Storage, Dangerous Goods Storage.

  • Import Warehouse

    Import Warehouse:7,282㎡

    Security guard, High storage Racking system, Fresh cargo handling space, Cool storage room (+5℃, -20℃), Cool room for pharmaceuticals (20℃ / 650㎡, +5℃ / 100㎡), Truck Yard, ULD Storage, Valuable Cargo Storage, Dangerous Goods Storage, AVI room for Live animals.

  • 医薬品倉庫

    Pharmaceuticals Warehouse:750㎡

    Cool room(+20℃/650㎡), Cold room (+5℃/100㎡), Magnet Sensor, Infrared Sensor, ULD Build-up & Break-down Space, Temperature Monitoring System, Fail Safe Battery System, Cool Dolly, Charging Outlet for Envirotainer.

  • IATA

    We have acquired the CEIV Pharma Certificate, a qualification developed by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for pharmaceutical air transport, both as CKTS and as the airport community. As the certificate proves our compliance with global standards for pharmaceutical handling, it has helped us to improve the quality of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain at KIX and offer safer and better pharmaceutical logistics services.

GSE Machinery


Ground support equipment, or GSE, is a general term referring to the instruments and machinery used in ground handling work. Here, we have information on the various equipment we use.